Do you pay, or have you ever paid, a monthly fee to have a TSB Bank Account

Evidence is increasingly showing that these types of accounts were mis-sold by the high-street banks. Many people have been sold added insurances, which were completely pointless.

At Quantum Refunds, we can cut through the noise to get to the root of your claim. We can find out if you were mis-sold this type of account and/or insurance and help you to reclaim money that is owed to you. We have a team of experts on hand to help you with your mis-sold packaged bank accounts.


What is a packaged bank account?

A packaged bank account is an account that comes with built-in extras. You pay a monthly fee to use the bank which includes a number of insurance products, including travel or mobile phone, car breakdown cover or an overdraft fee. These are often “perks” not needed by the customer or unlawful fees which you can now claim back.

Make a Claim

To make a claim for bank charge refunds and compensation, choose from one of the following options.

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Option 3.

Download your claim forms

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Why you should choose Quantum as your financial claims partner…

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“I was paid out £1400 in a matter of weeks”


“I’d been paying a monthly fee for my Natwest account for 7 or 8 years and never really knew why. I had breakdown cover but I didn’t even have a driving license. Quantum Refunds took on my case and I was paid out £1400 in a matter of weeks. All I did was request a claim pack on their website, fill in and return. It really was as simple as that.”

D Holden, Liverpool

 “I am really happy with the service received from Quantum Refunds”


“I am really happy with the service received from Quantum Refunds. The claim was dealt with quickly and I was kept informed throughout the whole process. My claim was successfully settled and I was more than happy with the result. I would definitely recommend them.”

A Robinson, Glossop

We can take the hassle out of making these mis-sold packaged bank accounts claims.

We deal with cases of packaged account mis-selling on a daily basis. We are experts at finding out if there is a case to be answered and putting together a strong claim in order to give you the best chance of reclaiming what may be owed.

As we are experienced specialists within this field we have put together the following checklist containing the most common reasons you feel you may have been mis-sold on your package bank account.

If one or more of the points below applies to you, then Quantum can help you to make a packaged bank accounts claim today.

  • The bank said I had to sign-up to monthly extras if I wanted to get the mortgage.
  • The bank misled me into signing up for the account, as an example, they suggested it was an exclusive deal, it was a hard sell, and the costs were not explained to me at the time.
  • The bank increased the prices on the packaged bank account extras and never told me, I found this out at a later stage.
  • The bank placed additional fees onto the bank account without my knowledge or agreement.
  • I tried to cancel the account, but the bank said that this was not an option and I had to keep this open.
  • I was not told that I needed to register my phone or car and therefore did not qualify for the packed insurance.
  • The bank’s explained that by signing-up to a packaged bank account I could improve my existing credit score which would help me further down the line.

Start Your Claim Today

We have over 10 years of experience in helping consumers reclaim money that they are owed for mis-sold financial products. Simply contact us or complete a claims form and leave the rest to us. One of our specialists will then contact you directly and will help you begin the process of reclaiming the money that’s rightfully owed to you.

Take a Look at a case study we have featured where one consumer successfully recovered over £8000 from their claim.

How Reclaiming Bank Fees Works

What exactly is a packaged bank account and was I mis-sold?
A packaged bank account is an account that comes with built-in extras. You pay a monthly fee to use the bank which includes a number of insurance products, including travel or mobile phone, car breakdown cover or an overdraft fee. We offer a no win no fee service. You may have been mis-sold this type of account. You may have been told you had to have this type of account to take out a mortgage or overdraft.

Is it a complex claims process?
No, our teams of specialist claims advisors have experience in the finance claims industry and can take care of your claims process from start to finish. You could claim back all your fees plus 8% interest.

How can I tell if I have a packaged bank account?
Check your bank statement or contact your bank to see if you pay a monthly fee, if you do then you will have a packaged bank account and maybe entitled to claim back all your fees plus interest. If you’re still unsure we can do this for you simply fill in the form to receive a free no obligation call back from a specialist bank fee claims advisor.

Can I claim back my fees?
We can check this for you and do all the work. We offer a no win no fee claim service too. Our team of advisors will assess your claim. If you feel you have been mis-sold a packaged bank account simply fill in the form to discuss making a claim with one of our advisors.

How much do you charge for your service?
You only pay if you win your case, we offer a no win no fee service, we deduct 25% from your final claim payout as our fee.

How do I get my claim started?
We offer a free call back from a specialist claims advisor, simply fill in the quick form and we do the rest. There’s no lengthy paperwork to fill in.

Which banks can I claim from?
At some point most of the main high street banks and building societies have had a packaged bank account as an option, most still do. See the list below. However if your bank or building society is not in the list and you pay a monthly fee you could be entitled to claim the fees back.

• Bank of Scotland
• Co-op
• First Direct
• Halifax
• Lloyds
• NatWest
• Yorkshire Bank
• Clydesdale
• Barclays
• 1st Account
• First Directory
• Metro Bank