“I’d been paying a monthly fee for my Natwest account for 7 or 8 years and never really knew why. I had breakdown cover but I didn’t even have a driving license. Quantum Refunds took on my case and I was paid out £1400 in a matter of weeks. All I did was request a claim pack on their website, fill in and return. It really was as simple as that.”
D Holden, Liverpool

I am really happy with the service received from Quantum Refunds. The claim was dealt with quickly and I was kept informed throughout the whole process. My claim was successfully settled and I was more than happy with the result. I would definitely recommend them.
A Robinson, Glossop

I saw Quantum Refunds advertised on my news feed on Face book. I was banking with HSBC and paying 12 pound a month for a bank account which I had requested to be cancelled back in 2013. Quantum Refunds sent the Form immediately. When I returned the Form I had a phone call from HSBC asking me to verify the details. A few weeks later I received 370 pound which was great. I paid a small percentage back to Quantum Refunds which was well worth it as they done all of the work dealing with my complaint. Through the process they always kept me updated. Use this service they will get you what you are entitled to hassle free.
R Coates, Peterlee

I had been paying a monthly fee for many years, which was a complete waste as I don’t drive,didn’t need the mobile phone or travel insurance. Quantum sent me a short form to complete and then did everything for me. In a matter of weeks I received £3500 from my bank. What a result!!
Christine, Kent

I have been paying a bank charge on my card from Royal Bank of Scotland for 7 years, I never really knew why after. After contacting Quantum Refunds and their quick response I got my money back for a small fee. Thank you Quantum
Lydia , Elphinstone