Starting Your PPI Claim

Have you ever had a credit card, a loan, a mortgage or hire purchase on a motor vehicle? Many of these accounts also included an Insurance Premium to protect your payments against redundancy and sickness – Better known as PPI.

Unfortunately these policies were expensive, flawed and not always suitable for the account holder’s personal situation. These Policies were block patent cure all policies that never actually fitted the needs of individual customers.

Regardless of how you obtained the finance there is a strong possibility that PPI was mis-sold to you. In the result of a successful claim, not only will you receive all the premiums paid to date it will also include any associated compound interest and statuary interest at 8 %.

Why You Are Entitled to Claim

Most people who have been sold PPI’s did not realize that they were taking out a policy and many also did not want or need it. Some people accepted the policies but were not provided all the relevant details about it. In simple words, the PPI’s were bought without understanding how they worked or whether they were suitable for them. If you were retired, a student or unemployed at the time you took the PPI, there is a distinct possibility, it was mis-sold.

Making the PPI Claims Process Easy

Processing a PPI claim can be complex and time consuming, Quantum Refunds Ltd will handle the claim initiation to completion.

Don’t have your Account or Policy Details? Don’t worry we can still help; Contact one of our customer service Team TODAY to discuss how we can help discover if you were mis-sold a PPI policy and help track down the lender and details responsible.

To find out if you have a valid claim then Contact Us on 0800 690 6548 to speak with one of our dedicated and experienced Customer Service Team.

PPI Refund – How it works

  1. On receipt of returned documents we will immediately issue a letter of complaint to the lender.
  2. We will give you continued updates during the claims process via email, phone and letter.
  3. The average timescale from receipt of completed documents to a settled claim is 2 to 6 months.
  4. We work on a NO WIN NO FEE * basis and will only apply our 25% fee in the event of a successful claim


Am I entitled to Compensation?

If you have a Loan, Credit Card, Store Card, Mortgage, Car Loan or even a Catalogue account, chances are that a PPI policy was added to it and in most cases the lender did not fully explain the restrictions, conditions, exclusions, benefits, term, cost and cancellation rights, if that applies to you then you may well have a valid claim and in many cases the PPI was added without the customer’s knowledge.

To start your claim(s) please complete the online form on this site, you can either request a claim pack through the post or alternatively select the download option to download your claim form.

For further information please call our team on 0161 667 4924 or you can email us at

I don’t think I have the paperwork anymore does that mean you can’t help me?

Not at all – the only requirement we will need is the name of the lender and some basic information about yourself so we can conduct a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) this is the best known method for allowing us to retrieve all the relevant information the bank or lender holds on you. We no longer need your original account or agreement number; we will be able to access this information as a result of conducting the DSAR.

How long will the claim process take?

In most cases the complaint can be resolved within 2 8 TO 12 weeks. If the complaint is declined by the lender we will then take your claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) who will then adjudicate on the matter.

Can I claim for closed accounts and completed loans?
Yes you can – some lenders will review PPI sales going back as far as the mid 1970’s if they still have records or agreement details. After submission of the complaint the Banks / Lenders are obligated to look at ALL the agreements you currently have or have had with them even if the account is closed.

Are you a regulated claims management company?

Quantum Refunds Ltd is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management acivities Authorisation Number CRM33429.
We operate on a NO WIN NO FEE* basis. We will only apply our fee in the event of a successful claim. Our fee is 25% plus VAT. We will never charge an upfront fee and you will not be charged in the unlikely event that the claim is unsuccessful.

Can I make a claim if the finance is more than 6 years old?

Yes – but it helps if you have some information or account numbers relating to the sale, generally the Banks only have to keep records for 6 years however many of them keep these records for much longer. Therefore regardless of whether you still have the account details it is still worth us investigating your claim.

Can I make a Claim if I am in arrears?

Yes – however if your PPI complaint is successful the lender has the option to offset some of your settlement to clear the arrears. If you are in arrears please contact us and we will explain how this works in more detail. We will still submit a detailed Letter of Complaint on your behalf.


            Please note, your PPI refund may be sent directly to you by the lender. If this does happen please contact us immediately.