Starting Your Mortgage PPI Claim

Mortgage payment protection insurance , also known as MPPI is payment protection insurance specifically relating to mortgages.

If you have PPI on your mortgage then chances are you were mis-sold the cover. Ask yourself following questions:

  • Did your lender fully explain the costs/payment procedure of the MPPI policy?
  • Was the insurance added to your mortgage without your knowledge or consent?
  • Were told your policy was conditional?
  • Did you already have mortgage cover in place? *Many of those who take out PPI are already covered by another policy which means your PPI policy will not pay out.
  • If any of the above applies to you, you could be entitled to reclaim all of your insurance premiums. Remember; a successful mis-sold MPPI claim could have a positive effect on your finances, as mortgage PPI policies are valued at up to £40,000.

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