All you need to know about mis-sold Natwest packaged bank accounts

Natwest packaged bank account claims are on the rise and in recent years more and more cases have come to light of banks systematically mis-selling packaged bank accounts, insurances and PPI. This is, in the majority, due to commissioned-based sales representatives desperate to make the sale regardless of a person’s suitability or need for the service. These people are great at what they do, they ‘let you in on the secret’, ‘offer you something special’ or ‘make an offer you can’t refuse’ – except, you absolutely can refuse and if you think that you have been mis-sold your natwest packaged bank accounts then here at Quantum Refunds we can help. We can provide clarification to whether you are a victim of this underhand practice, and set the ball rolling to reclaim your money.

Not all people will have been miss sold their packaged accounts and for many they can be a brilliant, financially savvy thing. It can mean that your outgoings are staggered into smaller, more affordable forms and it can provide protection for a wide number of things such as travel insurance, household contents, pets and vehicles. Packaged bank accounts can also have customer incentives such as cash back bonuses or monthly prize draws.

However, there are many people out there who could be owed thousands of pounds due to the miss selling of their packaged accounts. Added features are sometimes included unknowingly to the customer and could be entirely unusable, for example a breakdown cover is pointless if you don’t own a vehicle and the cover of gadgets isn’t necessary if they’re already insured elsewhere.

Banks have been able to get away with this for far too long and many of their methods have been immoral and underhand. Often customers complain of being blatantly lied to e.g. told insurance is compulsory when it absolutely was not or found out later down the line that they have been paying for a ‘feature’ they refused their permission for. These costs can be hidden in statements as they are fairly small on a monthly basis, but when you consider their value over the year or years you have been paying them, this could be a hefty sum.

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