Making a claim on your Lloyds club silver account

Any existing customer can open the Lloyds Club Silver account over the age of 18, with no minimum income. The account is exclusively available through upgrading – if you’re a new customer then you must open a current account prior to upgrading online. There is an overdraft facility with a charge of £10, and a 19.94%APR authorised and unauthorised overdraft rate (above £100). The account offers free cash withdrawals to a maximum of £500, and has a 4%AER interest rate. With a cheque clearing time of 4 days and benefits such as breakdown insurance and discount vouchers included, it may seem an appealing choice.

However, there’s a chance that you could have been miss-sold this account if the benefits, policies and charges weren’t carefully explained to you. Have you been paying for insurance that you don’t need? This could be the case if you have a company car, where breakdown cover will be included in that policy, or if your own vehicle is already covered for this with your car insurance provider. If so, then you’re paying two lots of insurance to two companies, for the exact same thing and this is something that Quantum Refunds can absolutely assist you with.

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