Making a claim on your Lloyds club platinum account

The Lloyds Club Platinum credit card offers a great many benefits to the savvy shopper of today, including cashback offers available in store if you register for online banking (transactions are selected at random) and safe internet shopping – where your special pin number is required for every online sale to prevent internet fraud.

There isn’t an annual fee for customers, but there is a representative APR of 17.9%, an interest on cash withdrawers of 18%, a charge on overseas spending of 2.95% and you will be charged £12 each time you go over the limit, are late for a payment or miss a payment. These charges in particular are all going to coincide with each other – if you go over your limit then you will be late for your payment and subsequently will miss it, meaning your charges that month will be a minimum of £36.

The APR and interest rates on this card are high and the benefits low – i.e. PayPal offers the same protection for online sales. If you have this policy and believe it wasn’t explained to you properly, or you were pushed into the sale than the experts at Quantum Refunds can help to get your financial losses reimbursed.