Lloyds Packaged bank account claims have become something of a regular recurrence to the team here at Quantum Refunds.  These accounts will require a monthly fee in return for supposed benefits, which in the majority will be insurance policies. Some insurance policies provide essential cover and are a financially wise thing to have, but some can be a waste of money.

But, if you were pushed into a bank account by a pushy sales agent then you could be owed serious sums of cash. It is highly possible that you may have been miss-sold your packaged account with unnecessary added on insurances – some of which you may not even be aware of. Some insurance can have an incredibly low monthly fee, which means that they appear almost invisible on your bank statements, but if you were, for example, to look at the charges total over a year or even the entire policy duration then this is much more of a big deal.

It may have seemed an inviting prospect at the time to have many different insurance policies with one provider, but this certainly doesn’t mean it was the cheapest method and nor does it mean that any of these insurances were vital in any way. Often insurances for our products such as smart phones, laptops or televisions will already be included with the packages at the time of purchase, if not then the supplier is likely to have a great deal on insurance that is likely to beat your banks. In addition to this, things such as PPI have been widely sold to people who had absolutely no need for it and this is something that’s coming to light more and more in recent years.

At Quantum Refunds we are the specialists in ensuring that you receive every penny back from your miss-sold packaged bank account. If you have been a fee paying customer for a packaged bank account with Lloyds bank then please don’t hesitate, and contact us today. We can investigate if you were mis sold your account and work on claiming every penny back for you.