Making a claim on your HSBC premier account

To be eligible for this account you must have investments or savings of £50,000 within the UK or you must have a sole income of a minimum of £100,000 as well as an investment, insurance or mortgage with the HSBC. So, it’s not for everyone.

This is the account for the elite, international business person – which is maybe why the bank sees their extortionate charges as reasonable (up to £60 to send a cheque and £30 for electronic transfers), so yes it is for international business customers who want to pay over the ends to send payments. Their adverts state that this account allows you to freely move money between accounts, which it does, but not financially ‘freely’. Each payment method has a fee attached to it and every insurance policy included has exceptions, meaning that despite the wonderful (and expensive) marketing, the HSBC premier account may not be the perfect solution for all.

If you were not aware of all the charges that come with this account then there’s a strong possibility that it was mis-sold to you. If this is the case, then the experts at Quantum Refunds can claim back on your behalf every penny you wrongfully paid out.

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