The HSBC Advance Account was setup for customers who pay in a minimum of £1,750 per month. There isn’t a monthly fee for the account any more, but previous customers were paying out £14.99 per months for the account, which offered travel insurance and breakdown cover, but if you want an overdraft, it came with a fee of 17.9% EAR variable. There are many benefits to the updated account, such as cash back, preferential rates, tech support and discounts on travel and hotels. But, what about those who’ve been paying in previously?

 If you think that you’re paying too much for your overdraft service, or you’ve been paying out for the benefits that came with the Advance account, and weren’t fully aware of what you were getting, then we can discover if this policy was mis-sold to you. At Quantum Refunds we are the experts in this area and we can find out exactly how much money you could be owed and ensure that you receive every penny of your entitled reimbursements.

 Even if you aren’t sure that there’s anything wrong with your account, you can find out for sure by speaking to our team and it could be the best call you make. Quantum Refunds have claimed back thousands for our clients, doing all of the hard work for you so that there is absolutely no hassle involved in receiving your money.

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