A HSBC packaged bank account claim is a common occurrence to a large number of people within the UK.  These kinds of accounts are paid for in monthly instalments, spreading the cost over the year and can have many benefits and incentives, which on the face of things seem very reasonable. However, for some people they can be nothing but a waste of money.

A packaged bank account may have been very appealing at first; the prospect of having several different insurance policies is likely to save time in the long run, and some people do benefit. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone can benefit from a packaged bank account and in fact many do not. The different policies that are included can cover things like motor insurance, travel insurance and contents insurance but are they the best deal? They can certainly appear so, if you see that you have all of your needed insurances covered through your bank for a small fee of say £20 per month, this can be a welcome relief. However this sum totals £240 per year and when you consider the different excesses required as well as the many exceptions, it might not be the best choice.

Perhaps you were not aware of the charges, didn’t know what you’re exclusions were or never asked for any additional features to be put on to your account. It could be that you met with a pushy sales agent at the time of opening your account and felt pressured into taking out extra policies that weren’t appropriate for you, or you may have even refused permission for the policies only to find that they were added anyway. If you think that you have been paying money that you shouldn’t have been, then we can help.

At Quantum Refunds we are the experts when it comes to ensuring that you receive every penny back from your miss-sold packaged bank account. If you have been a fee-paying customer for a packaged bank account then we can investigate if you were miss sold your account and work on claiming every penny back for you.

Let a trained and experienced member of our financial team help you , simply contact us today and we will be back in touch with you directly to start your claim.