How can I make a claim on my packaged bank account?

Halifax packaged bank account claims are on the rise and it’s becoming increasingly common for people to realise when they’ve been ripped off, especially since the outrage of the recent PPI epidemic, which highlighted the fact that your bank isn’t always the most trustworthy source of financial assistance. Previous to this, the majority of us thought the financial institutions of the country to be the safest, most trustworthy and appropriate places to handle our money. However, for many this hasn’t been the case.

A Halifax Packaged bank account can be a convenient and simple way to have all of your finances handled in one place, by one bank. They can be hugely saving on expenses when used wisely, but they can also have the opposite effect and mean that people are losing hundreds or thousands of pounds when they absolutely didn’t need to.

Insurances, incentives, features and advantages are never without their downsides and it’s important to consider whether a packaged account and its benefits are going to be worth it. Of course, it helps greatly to know what the actual cost of an account is going to be and what the exceptions to the policies are – information which is usually more difficult to find than the ‘pros’.

Packaged accounts sell themselves on their added features (which of course cost you money) and these range from discount vouchers and cash bank to comprehensive travel insurance and mobile phone cover. If you’ve been paying for the privilege of having a packaged bank account, then give the experts a call at Quantum Refunds to see if you may have been mis-sold your account and eligible to claim your money back.

We have claimed back thousands of pounds for our customers and make the process of being reimbursed stress free and simple for you. We do the hard work for you and start a claim on your behalf to get the money back, which you should not have been paying. Often it’s the case that our customers won’t realise what they’ve been charged for, or over what length of time and as a result you could be entitled to more money back than you thought.

If you feel you have a claim and would like us to help you then the following options are available to you:

1. Fill out our contact us form and we will contact you back directly

2. Request your claim forms in the post by clicking here

3. Download your claim forms direct from the site