Barclays Premier Travel Plus Pack is available to both new and existing customers alongside their current account for £11.50 per month. This pack covers many things when traveling such as breakdown cover, health cover and exclusive airport lounge access. It can be a welcome relief for many people, although totally unneeded for others.

The breakdown cover from RAC includes roadside recovery in the UK and Europe only. It also only applies to vehicles under the age of 11 and which are non-commercial. The health insurance covers those aged under 70 whose holidays begin and end in the UK – and are no longer than 31 days. This insurance does not cover pre-existing medical conditions as a general rule.

If you liked the idea of the exclusive airport lounges then you may be upset to learn that not all lounges allow access for children under the age of 18 – so this isn’t always an advantage for families.

This insurance totals £138 per year. For a single person in Europe the cheapest to be found is £14 a year, and for a family £27, so if you don’t think the Plus Pack is justifiable, appropriate or you didn’t understand it clearly at the time, then Quantum Refunds can investigate as to whether you were mis-sold this policy which could result in financial reimbursements.

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