Were you mis-sold on your packaged bank account?

Barclays packaged bank accounts claims have seen a sharp increase in 2015 with people paying out thousands of pounds entirely unnecessarily for insurances and benefits that they either don’t actually need, or are already paying for somewhere else.

Often the fees for insurances through your bank will appear minimal on your bank statements and this is how they can lie undiscovered. Most insurance companies charge their customers on an annual basis, but banks work differently and charge monthly. This is because a charge of £15 per month can seem reasonable, but if you do the maths this totals £180 a year and it could be entirely irrelevant for your situation. For example, if you don’t drive a car, go abroad or own a smartphone then why would you need insurances for this? Some policies also have age restrictions; especially travel insurances, where those over a certain age (usually around 65) will not be covered. If this applies to you, then you have been paying a fee for something you can never use.

There’s growing evidence of our banks mis-selling accounts to thousands of innocent customers and they have done this in many different ways. Some sales reps may have blatantly lied to you, stating that the insurance was compulsory or it was needed for the loan, mortgage or service you wanted. Maybe things were added to your policy without your knowledge, or worst still – after your refusal. Your circumstances may have changed, making the policies no longer appropriate but your bank failed to remedy this after you notified them.

Think back to when you opened your account. Alarm bells should ring if you were overly flattered, encouraged or persuaded into opening the account without there being any thorough explanations into the many charges or insurances that you’ve been paying. If you think that you could have been miss-sold your packaged account, then Quantum Refunds can look into this for you today and begin the ball rolling for your financial reimbursements.

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